This is our first official newsletter.

If there is any bug with it, please let us know.


The funding campaign is currently planned to be launched at 12:00 Est tomorrow and will last 8 weeks (56 days).

Our funding goal is $550,000.

Bridge will be sold in two version:
Standard: $60
Wireless: $80

The perks of this campaign are as follow:

  • $10: You receive our eternal thanks and your name will show up in the credits of the final product. This perk is awarded to everybody who help us make this a reality.
  • $27: You will receive a white t-shirt with Bridge logo, a good way to show your support for the future of gaming.
  • $60: You will receive a Bridge box, software and power cable included.
  • $80: You will receive a Bridge box with WiFi and Bluetooth. Software and power cable included.

Premium perks, they are limited to a specific number of copies:

  • $120: You will get the above, but your Bridge's case will be made of milled aluminum instead of plastic. It's heavy and it's shiny; it won't move as easily if you pull on the controller a bit too hard.
  • $180: Your aluminum Bridge will be custom engraved with the sentence or words of your choice. The number of characters may be limited. You will also receive a black t-shirt with the Bridge logo
  • $240: The above - engraved aluminum case - will be powder coated with the color of your choice. It is the ultimate customization. Range of available colors is limited. You will also choose the color of your t-shirt.
  • $1000: On top of the previous custom metal engraved and coated Bridge, your name will be printed on another 1000 units, so people will know you helped make this possible.
  • $5000+: With all of the above, we will bring you here, in the beautiful Québec City where we will treat you with some of the best food and beer on this planet. You will also get the previous perk, directly from us; a color customized engraved aluminum Bridge box.

If you have any feedback concerning the listed perks, it is time to speak now. Because once the campaign is launched, we won't be able to change them. You can voice your opinion on the forum at or mail us directly at