Bridge is a small box that is connected to your LAN or your WiFi network. It lives under your television, in your living room. When you turn it on, it starts a program on the networked computer of your choice. Your computer is running your favorite video game and streams it to Bridge, which displays it on your television. Bridge then sends back your controller's input to your computer.

In essence it unbridles your computer; giving it virtually unlimited range! 





Bridge is not a console and is not a computer. That's why it can be cheap. It is a new type of hardware that expands your computer's range. You no longer need your computer near a screen and vise versa.




Any USB device plugged into Bridge is detected from your networked computer as if it was directly connected to it. It simply works and is not limited to game controllers. Mice, keyboards or even printers, webcams and scanners, if they work on your computer, they will work on Bridge too. It also means that gaming is only one of the possibilities offered by this device. With a screen, your computer is always nearby.